Friday, January 13, 2017

"Change" theme at Words 2 Craft By

I just found out today (Feb. 2, '17) that my card won the "Change" challenge at Words 2 Craft By! So proud!

"Change" is the theme at Words 2 Craft By, inspired on these well-known song lyrics:
If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change

When I saw this digi, I knew it was the one for me for this challenge! I can relate in so many ways to the little girl beside the pool, too scared to jump in!

Here's my card; thanks for this cute digi, Mo Manning!

Mo's Digital Pencil


Sybrina K said...


What a perfect image and sentiment for this W2CB Change challenge. As someone who has had two complete series of swimming lessons at our local Y... and can still not float, dog paddle, tread water -- let's not even talk about swim, I totally relate.

On a less personal note, I love your design and decision to put a red swimsuit on your little gal. This is such a sweet card, and I'm so glad you joined us at Words 2 Craft By. :)

Sybrina K said...
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Sybrina K said...

Sherry! Congratulations on winning our W2CB Make-a-Change Challenge! We loved your adorably hesitant little swimmer. Your card was as cute as it could be and a fabulous interpretation of our challenge words. :) E-mail me when you have a chance to make prize arrangements. :)