Friday, September 3, 2010

Holley and Yolanda's colorful and fun sample cards made with my digi!

The first card is by Holley and the second by Yolanda
Holley and Yolanda, I LOVE your cards! I was thrilled to see the papers, colors & layouts you chose. You are both so talented! And without your help, I wouldn't have been able to post my digi.
Don't forget: Yolanda is hosting her virtual OWH birthday party starting at 12:00 AM Sunday (9/5) at her happenin' blog, with all kinds of fun, including her own new FREE DIGI, a digi you have to work for, and a prize drawing for anyone who makes a card with my digi! Wow!


helloholley said...

Hey Sherry,thanks for linking my blog from yours!!! Your digi is too cute and so fun to color!!I'm glad you liked my card....have a awesome and relaxing weekend!!! ;)

helloholley said...

oh,I forgot to mention....Yolanda, I love your Happy Birthday version......I'll come visit your blog too!!! ;)

Unknown said...

You did it!! I think it is funny that Holley and I both colored his pants green and his shoes similarly. He has a definite personality. Now go make more :)