Tuesday, July 12, 2016

R.I.P. Ronni Grayberg Unger

I often give thanks for this card making passion that "found" me and keeps me busy with creativity and purpose even when times are hard. And I give thanks for the many wonderful people I may not have actually met but feel close to thanks to our shared interests. One of those people was Ronni Grayberg Unger, who I first got to know when we were volunteer card makers for Operation Write Home. When OWH closed down, many of us stayed "together" in a Facebook group so we would not lose touch with people who had come to mean so much to us. Ronni was a steady presence in the group, always courageous in spite of the many health issues that life threw at her. She always bounced back (or so she told us on Facebook), so her passing this week came as a shock. I just wanted to post a tribute here in case anyone from OWH might happen to see it. Rest in peace, Ronni; you are greatly missed.

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Donna Hanley said...

Your tribute is very nice and thoughtful. I do remember Ronni from OWH and I'm very surprised at her passing. Thank you for letting us know.